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WATAFUK (Lil Pump Part) ― Morgenshtern x Lil Pump


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WATAFUK (Lil Pump Part)
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Morgenshtern x Lil Pump - WATAFUK (Lil Pump Part) Official Video
Morgenshtern x Lil Pump - WATAFUK (Lil Pump Part) versuri
Right wrist flooded with them Audemars baguettes (Yeah)
Fucked that bitch, sent her home in a jet (Yoom!)
AK-47 make 'em do the chicken head, uh (Bow-bow-bow)
Shot him in the stomach, but I hit him in the leg (Ohh, bow-bow)
Got a slik rich bitch (Uh), meet my stick (Uh, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Got a couple hollows, and I'm hit gon' knock off his lips, gang (Brr-brr-brr-brr)
He been off the H, he gon' shoot you in the face, gang
He been off the 30's for like twenty days (Ooh)
Two million in the jewelry, uh, wrist look like McFlurry (Ooh)
I been selling white-girl in the corner like a prostitute (Ayy, ayy)
I been taking drugs from my grandma kitchen table (What?)
F&N put a hole in him like a bagel (Like boom)